Waiterpad DT4000
Waiterpad DT4000
Waiterpad DT4000
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Waiterpad DT4000

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Waiterpad, available on bulletproof radio frequency (RF) or Wi-Fi platforms, is Triniteq’s custom-built, proprietary, handheld ordering device proven to increase efficiency and revenue.

Small and versatile, the Waiterpad DT4000 is simple to program and use, reliable, and will easily contribute towards the success of your business by:

  • Saving time - No need to deliver dockets to production areas.
  • Reducing wage costs - Reduce the number of staff needed to serve customers
  • Increasing profit - Waiterpad automatically delivers upsell and cross-sell prompts to staff.
  • Providing better service - Staff are always on the floor serving your customers.

Waiterpad features:

  • Durable long-life hardware built for the harsh hospitality environment
  • A tough, trans-reflective touchscreen (meaning it’s readable outdoors).
  • A solid, rubberised outer body with reinforced joins on all 4 corners for added durability.
  • Drop-tested to 1.5 meters on concrete.
  • Component parts that can be easily fixed or replaced rather than replacing the whole unit.
  • A removable battery that can quickly be replaced with a fully charged one.
  • Available on both RF and Wi-fi platforms

Waiterpad comes with:

  • Pouch with holster
  • Docking station
  • Hotsync cable
  • Safety Strap

Please note: Waiterpads are built by Triniteq and can sometimes take up to 6 weeks to deliver due to the ordering and receipt of component parts by Triniteq. 

If you are unsure which platform you choose for your Waiterpad set-up, please contact us before purchasing.