Add POS Device Licence

Add POS Device Licence

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Got more than 1 POS device that needs to run PowerEPOS at your venue?  No problem!

Your first POS device is taken care of when you purchase your plan, then use this product to add a licence for each additional POS device.

Use 'Quantity' to add the number of additional licences you need.

For 6+ device licences please call 1300 784 666.

FREE OFFER: Receive unlimited PowerEPOS licences, FREE for 6 months*.

When you sign up for a PowerEPOS Plan, you receive all POS licences free for 6 months (180 days). This includes your first POS device licence added via your plan, and all additional licences added here. 

After 6 months, each additional device licence is just $35.00 (inc. GST) per month.

*By signing up to our PowerEPOS 6 Months Free Offer, you accept our offer Terms & Conditions and agree to our Privacy Policy and General Terms of Use.

Hardware not included.